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Many people tend to migrate to Canada because of it’s the multicultural diversity and countless opportunities to get a better life. However, immigrating to Canada can be a cumbersome task as the immigration procedures can be complex and frustrating. At Immigration Service Online, our Canada immigration lawyer Toronto can help you take care of all your immigration issues and will ensure you file your application with the favorable outcome. Our firm has lawyers with more than 10 years of experience who are experts with the legal procedures of any kind of immigration service and who can help you successfully immigrate to Canada.

Why is it necessary to hire a Toronto immigration lawyer?

The immigration procedures are becoming more and more perplexed these days. With the rules of residency and permits getting stricter day by day, our Canadian Immigration lawyer Toronto will make sure all your documentation is complete and that your application will be approved in the first attempt. We have worked with many individuals, families and businesses of all types and sizes. We have also helped many refugees like from United States, Sri Lanka, and India to name a few. We will you provide with all the legal advices that you need and can also help you complete all the procedures to immigrate to Canada.

Our Immigration Services:

We are a full-fledged immigration services that provides services for all kinds of permits, appeals and residency issue. Our services include:

  • Permanent resident
  • Temporary resident
  • Student visas
  • Work visas
  • Family sponsorships
  • Spousal sponsorships
  • Refugee claims
  • Detention and removal
  • Refugee claims
  • Citizenship
  • International adoptions
  • Notarizations and attestations
  • Pardon and rehabilitation applications

We specialize with the immigration matters related to Canada and we have a panel of experts who deal with all the above types of immigration. We have represented many individuals and corporations and we know all the legal matters that you may face during the process but our lawyer will take care of all the issues. We always keep ourselves updated with all the rules so you don’t need to worry about the changes in the rules at the time of your application as our lawyers will take care of it. You can contact your lawyer at any time during the stages of your application. We will keep you updated if any other documentation is required.

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Call us now to book your consultation with the best immigration lawyer in Toronto. You can also send us an email or use our appointment portal on our website to book one. You can rely on us for all your immigration services and we will get the job done in the first attempt. At Immigration Service Online, our Toronto Immigration Lawyer would be more than happy to help you.