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The Canadian permanent resident card is issued to Canadian immigrants who have permanent resident status in Canada but are not yet Canadian citizens. The Canadian permanent resident card is a wallet-sized plastic card with security features. The permanent resident card replaces the old IMM 1000 paper document.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) introduced the Permanent Resident Card to increase border security, improve the integrity of the immigration process, and provide holders with secure proof of their permanent residence status when re-entering Canada.

As of December 31, 2003 all permanent residents will be required to present their Permanent Resident Card to re-enter Canada upon returning from international travel. The Permanent Resident Card costs $50.00 per applicant. The Card is normally valid for five years and is renewable. Application for and renewal of the Permanent Resident Card is a personal matter, therefore it is the individual's responsibility to ensure application is made to obtain this card. There will be no alternative to the Permanent Resident Card, i.e. record of landing documents will not be accepted.

Children of permanent residents will require a Permanent Resident Card in order to travel internationally. Children of permanent residents who were born in Canada are Canadian Citizens and will require a Canadian passport to travel.

For detailed information on eligibility, the published schedule for applying based on your year of 'landing', the necessary application forms and FAQ's regarding the Permanent Resident Card, please contact the Citizenship and Immigration Canada at:

Call Center at: 1-800-255-4541, OR the CIC Website